p>Preparing a board meeting can be a demanding and sometimes complex task, both for the person responsible for organizing the meeting and for board members. This article will consider how board portals can simplify this procedure.

Board portal: how does it work?

Digital transformation of business has already affected most of the business processes of large companies, including the way their leaders work. Most work issues can now be solved from a smartphone or tablet, which is especially important for top managers who spend a lot of time on business trips and business trips. A rare process that is not yet fully automated is the conduct of meetings and summits.

The system for automation of meetings like the best board management software will ensure the efficiency of the collegial bodies of large distributed organizations and will help to make quick and balanced decisions due to the holding of a meeting in a remote format.

A board portal is a digital platform and management software that enables members of the management and supervisory board to securely access documents from the executive committee as well as to collaborate with other members of the committee via mobile phones, tablets, and computers online or offline. This management program is focused not so much on planning tasks, time, resources, and employment of employees, but on organizing joint activities of participants and a way to timely involve all performers of the task.

Main reasons businesses invest in board management software

Most companies prefer using board portals following the next points:

  • Planning online events

Need to schedule a joint presentation, client meeting, or board meeting? Find out in the software calendar when your colleague is free, create an event and invite to a joint meeting. He will receive a notification and will be able to confirm or refuse participation.

  • Flexibility and availability

You can access the data stored in the board portal storage at any time and from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. The provider is fundamentally responsible for sufficient computing power and storage space. They control document management using integrated tools for editing, versioning and compiling clauses and documents.

  • Better collaboration

If you’re a company with two or more team members, collaboration should be a top priority. The use of the combined specialist knowledge of your team increases the innovative strength and improves the workload. The benefits of cloud-based collaboration are numerous and should be considered by every board of directors.

  • Real-time updates

The software helps to ensure the consistency of the data for a stress-free collaboration. Changes to cloud-based files, documents, and data are automatically synchronized in real-time, which means that board members are always working with the latest version from a single source. These improvements respond to the increasing complexity of governance, risk, and compliance.

  • Data security and backup

The board portal vendor is responsible for the security of the data stored here. Regular data backups are created automatically. Other security aspects are also handled centrally, for example, the import of security updates for the software provided and the update of the virus protection. This prevents attackers from exploiting security gaps in software.

  • Reliable support

One of the great things about the board portal is the availability of support when it does. The fact that most support channels are free only adds to this cloud advantage. Portal providers are known for their extensive collections of technical documentation. They allow you to create, configure, deploy, manage and troubleshoot the full range of their available technologies for free.